Meet IHP's Resident Advisors

We asked each RA to respond to the following 4 questions:
What do you love most about being an RA?
Thinking about your professional goals, what do you hope to become?
When you aren't busy, what do you enjoy doing?
What does the IHP community mean to you?

Gilberto A. Vilá Arroyo

Country: United States (Puerto Rico)

University: Temple University

Field of study: Podiatric Medicine

House: J House & Apartments


I became a Resident Advisor because I want to gain leadership experience from providing people with the help they require and to support international exchange through cultural events.


I hope to become a podiatric physician and surgeon. I aspire to return to Puerto Rico and work alongside my uncle in his clinic.


When I'm not busy with either studying or working, I enjoy biking along Kelly Drive or just watching films and series.


People may be surprised to learn that I visited Japan only to see my friends who I met in International House. If I'd never met them I would've never even thought about going.

Mustafa Aydin
Country: Turkey

University: Temple University

Field of study:
Information Technology Auditing & Cyber Security

House: C House

I became a Resident Advisor because I like to use my knowledge and skills to help other residents. I want to play a supportive role in an international community.

I hope to become a professional cyber security expert to protect our digital assets from hackers. 

I enjoy walking through Schuylkill River when I’m not studying or working. And also I like travelling and meeting people from other countries.

IHP community means a multicultural environment that gives me the opportunity to interact with people comes from different backgrounds, different countries and different cultures. 

Sami Doner
: Turkey

University: Drexel University

Field of study: Engineering
House: F House

Being an RA in International House has a lot of advantages for me. The most beautiful one of them is discovering all cultures which the world has. There are many people living at IHP from all around the world.

I want to be an engineer who makes life easier and a lecturer who can show students how to learn.

I really enjoy travelling, tracking, cooking and eating when I am not busy studying or working. 

The meaning of IHP for me is connection between me and all over the world. Because I meet a lot of people in IHP and I have chances to spend time with them. They have not only their businesses but also their cultures and we have shared things with each other. This is the meaning of being a community from all around the world.

Jing Fang
Country: China

University: Drexel University

Field of study: Television Management
House: H House

What I love most about being an RA is I can really get involved with the community. I enjoy meeting people from all around the world, hanging out with friends from different backgrounds, and I am also enjoying helping international students to adjust to a new environment.

I hope to be a television producer in future, especially for a show related to criminal cases.

I enjoying watching television shows and traveling when I am not busy. 

IHP is my like my second home in the U.S. I met a lot of friends over here, and I just enjoy being part of it.
Tamara Galoyan

Country: Armenia

University: Drexel University

Field of study:
Educational Leadership & Learning Technology

House: A House


I became a Resident Advisor because I enjoy using my knowledge and skills to the benefit of people around.


I hope to become a researcher /educator who always seeks for creative and novel solutions to the issues faced by the current educational system.


I enjoy listening to music, reading, and socializing with people when I’m not studying or working.


One of the things I plan to do to promote international understanding is to enhance awareness and tolerance of cultural, racial, religious, and other types of diversities that exist among people.

Anna Monastero

Country: China

University: Drexel University 

Field of study: Environmental Studies, Spanish

House: G House


I became a Resident Advisor because I want to be a source of support and leadership to residents. I hope to help make residents’ transition to Philadelphia enjoyable, and overall I hope to play a positive role in their life here at the International House.


I hope to become a sustainability consultant someday. There is so much I would love to do to further our protection and understanding of the environment, so any worthwhile career pertaining to environmental protection would be amazing. 


I enjoy being outdoors when I’m not studying or working. I’m happiest when I’m doing something active and surrounded by nature.


I chose to live at International House because I love the diverse and inclusive environment it presents. I wanted to live in a place where I could actually connect with the people around me in a meaningful way. After living here for a month, I can easily attest that the International House is a cultural community that feels like home.